Introducing “The Ice Cream Files” + Eye Scream Labs


Espresso and Key Lime Pie flavored ice creams at Eye Scream Labs.

I have had this idea brewing for awhile and I’m pleased to announce that the day has finally come for me to introduce a new little series on here that I’ve decided to call “The Ice Cream Files.”

My husband and I are pretty much addicted to ice cream.  Way more so than I would ever care to admit.  One of our top priorities when traveling, in addition to good places for actual food, is to find good ice cream.  I have eaten ice cream in France, Spain, Paraguay, Iceland, and pretty much everywhere I have been in the States.  The problem is that I eat it so much that it can be so easy for me to forget which ice cream I ate where and that’s just sad…so I’ve decided to blog about it!

As I make my way around the world in the coming years, I am going to do my best to try as much delicious ice cream as possible and review it according to a scale of my own creation.  Each ice cream establishment will be judged in five categories: Taste/Quality, Variety, Atmosphere, Price, and Wow Factor.  Each category will be given a rating out of five stars.

For my first review, I decided to go with an awesome place nearby in a tiny town called Galena, KS off of Route 66.  The place is called Eye Scream Labs and I fell in love with it when they opened last year. It is a family-run business that features all-natural ice cream frozen by liquid nitrogen.  Not only do they have super awesome flavors (Bourbon Bread Pudding!), they also have a super awesome store.  It is designed to look like a steampunk lab and the “lab rats” do live demonstrations of the ice cream being made, which looks super cool.


Eye Scream Labs (Don’t you love their eyeball dude?)

Here are my ratings based on my most recent visit:

Taste/Quality:  4.5/5

The ice cream is delicious, creamy, and full of all sorts of yummy flavor.  You can definitely tell it’s homemade.  This time, I went with the Key Lime Pie.  It was really rich, but delicious, with big chunks of graham cracker crust!

Variety: 5/5

Eye Scream Labs has lots of flavors…just off the top of my head, I recall seeing Blueberry Cheesecake, Honey Cashew, French Toast, and Twinkie, among many others.  They are always willing to let you sample anything you want to try!  They also have plenty of toppings you can add, though I tend to prefer my ice cream naked.

Atmosphere: 5/5

The inside of the place is really, really cool.  They have all kinds of steampunk details, the employees wear lab coats, and they are always doing cool demonstrations that look like mad science experiments!

Price: 5/5

The smallest serving, the Eye Whisper, is only $3 and was plenty to fill me up!!  Great value for the price.

Wow Factor: 5/5

I feel like this rating is pretty self-explanatory based on everything I’ve already said.  Seriously, it’s a must-see.  If you’re ever in the area, check it out!!

Overall Score: 4.9

I’m really hoping those reading will enjoy this blog series!  I know I will!  If nothing else, I hope it inspires people to go have ice cream adventures of their own!  Also, I am always VERY open to recommendations!  I love me some ice cream.

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