The Ice Cream Files: Cone


Although our time there was pretty limited, there was no way we could leave Chicago without trying out a new ice cream place.

We were hot, sweaty, and exhausted after our first day walking around the city and we were getting pretty hungry.  We didn’t want to go anywhere that was too far out of the way, but we also wanted to make sure we went somewhere good.  We scrolled through the Zomato app to see what was close and decided on Cone based on its reviews and menu options.

The blast of AC, smell of ice cream, and cheerful decor were welcome sights as we finally reached our destination after a long afternoon.  Here is my breakdown of our visit to Cone:

Irish Hangover and Lavendar Honey...SO good!

Irish Hangover and Lavendar Honey…SO good!

Taste/Quality:  5/5

This ice cream had the perfect texture: not too hard, not too soft.  It was creamy and delicious and all of the flavors that I tasted were wonderful!  I will be dreaming of the Lavender Honey for weeks to come.

Variety:  5/5

Cone had some really interesting flavors.  Keeping with the Irish theme of the shop, they had choices like Bailey’s Irish Creme, Guinness, and Irish Hangover (cinnamon swirl ice cream with bacon bits and cinnamon toast crunch pieces), in addition to some seasonal options like Sweet Summer Corn.

Atmosphere: 3.5/5

The decor was super cute and the staff was very friendly!  I loved the decor and the kitschy Irish theme.   The only complaint I have is regarding the lack of comfortable seating.  They had one large, hard, bench-type thing in the corner and that was it…and we had to wait several minutes for some space on it.  After walking nearly 10 miles, I was really looking for a place to sit and enjoy my ice cream and rest before walking the rest of the way back to the hostel.

Price: 3/5

This one is probably hard for me to judge accurately since I am used to Kansas prices.  However, I felt that $11 for a double scoop of ice cream in a cup and a milkshake was a little steep.  Don’t get me wrong; it was delicious…and it is Chicago…but I’m accustomed to more reasonable prices.

Wow Factor: 4/5

This place was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise rather dull and industrial neighborhood.  There was such a happy, dreamy vibe to the place that made it very charming and the friendly and helpful staff and delicious ice cream brought it all together.  It didn’t hurt that they let you sample all of their flavors for free and had complimentary water available.

Overall Score:  4.1

If you like ice cream, Irish liquor, or both, then I’d definitely recommend this place if you’re in the area!


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