Athens, Abbreviated


We couldn’t visit Greece without at least spending a little time in Athens, however short.  We spent our first and last night of our trip in Greece at a nice little hotel near the city center so we could walk around and see a few things in our limited time there.


Unfortunately, the Acropolis was always closed while we were there (seriously…their hours are ridiculous), so we didn’t get to go in and see the Parthenon, but we did manage to see a few of the ruins from a distance.


The streets leading into the main square are bustling and chaotic (like you’d expect in just about any city), but once you get in by the Acropolis, the city is full of charming little streets, almost all of which are lined with twinkling string lights.  Honestly, my favorite thing about Athens was simply strolling through the seats to see what we would find there.


In the streets of Athens after some complimentary wine

 We scored some amazing food, wine, and gelato both nights we were there, so we were pretty much on Cloud 9.  Also, maybe it was just my imagination, but I could really feel an ancient sense of wonder as I walked around.  It was interesting to try to picture what Ancient Greek civilization might have been like, especially in Athens.


There were probably fewer taxis.

We didn’t fully do this city justice, but I’m glad we at least had a taste.  We’ve already both agreed that Athens will have to be a city we go back to and do properly sometime.


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