Hello, Spring


The “blackberry trail”, not quite ready for blackberries yet

Things have been a little quiet around here lately…mostly because I’ve had so much work to do (as usual).  It’s getting a little extra crazy now that I’m snowballing towards the end the school year.  Even though my current workload is significantly larger than what it was in the first semester, it somehow feels more manageable.  It doesn’t hurt that the weather has been perfect and the smell of flowers is in the air.  I’ve been spending a lot of time on campus lately, but I really don’t mind, because at least I can enjoy some fresh air without freezing these days.


Pretty pink flowers that are blooming everywhere


View from the tearoom balcony


Views of the Marmara from the “Greek temple”

I generally only have two modes:  knee-deep in work or completely immersed in a new adventure.  There is seldom any in-between.  Because of that, I often fail to fully appreciate how beautiful my home really is because I usually associate it with work.  Luckily, the change of seasons has helped me see this place with a fresh set of eyes.

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