Rain, Rain, Go Away


My 25th year hasn’t been off to the smoothest start.  My actual birthday was kind of just stressful and my much awaited birthday weekend trip did not live up to my expectations, no thanks to some nasty weather.  Still, we were in a new place that wasn’t the school for the weekend, so we made the best of it anyway.


We spent the weekend in Fethiye, a beautiful city on the Aegean coast packed with mountains, beautiful beaches, and shopping and restaurants galore.  I had envisioned a lot of sun and sand and time on the beach.  I had even hoped to see some sea turtles and do some tandem paragliding.


The reality was a long flight delay, foggy skies, and lots and lots of rain.  The beach was pretty much out the first day because it was pouring and since the beaches we wanted to visit were pretty remote, we didn’t want to risk not being able to get a ride back if the weather got any worse.  We decided to hope for a better second day and find some things to do closer to us.


Blurry photobomb

We started with the old Lycian tombs carved into the side of the mountains, near a little village of preserved Greek houses and a former agora.  The tombs were quite a site, although they have unfortunately been badly vandalized by a lot of spray paint.  The view from the top was amazing, even in the terrible weather.


We walked around the marina a bit and saw a jazz concert going on, so we stopped to listen for a little bit.  We wandered in a bit farther and found a nice covered garden area, where we did a little souvenir shopping for family and ended up being invited in for tea by a guy running a carpet shop (we still really need to buy a Turkish carpet!).


Turkish lamps everywhere

We decided to end our day with some drinks and melon hookah, which helped lift our spirits a bit.  The bars had quite the drink menu, which is pretty unusual for Turkey.


I know I’ve talked about the cats, but Turkish dogs are also amazing.  The biggest, calmest, fluffiest dogs around.

Much to our dismay, day two was even more of a bust than day one.  We went out to Ölüdeniz, which we had heard was beautiful, even though it was raining cats and dogs.  I was determined to at least see the beach, even if swimming wasn’t going to be an option.  I will be honest:  the beach is small and crawling with British retirees.  Not exactly my kind of scene.  The water was the most beautiful shade of ice blue, but it was almost impossible to see it through the fog.  The place we stopped for coffee also had some of the worst service I have yet to experience in Turkey.  We came back feeling pretty cheated and disappointed.


I suppose you win some and you lose some.  I know I have definitely not done Fethiye any sort of justice, so I guess that just means I’ll have to go back and try again sometime…hopefully in nicer weather!


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