Hello, Summer


End-of-the-year Bosphorus cruise

It is officially my last day in Turkey for the school year.  This time tomorrow, I will be en route to the U.S. for the first time in almost a year. I’ve neglected to post much recently.  Partly because it’s summer and I wanted to unplug for a bit, but also because it’s been difficult.  Between the tragedy that has recently struck Istanbul, some tragedy a little closer in our circle, and emotional end-of-the-year goodbyes, I haven’t had much energy or inspiration.  It’s definitely time for vacation!


End-of-the-year cruise, after complimentary drinks

We also just returned from an interesting trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, but that’s a story I’ll tell a little later.  For now, I’d best get back to doing laundry and my Tokyo Police Club playlist.

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