Welcome to Spectre


Fun Fact:  Not too far from my in-laws’ place outside of Montgomery, AL lies the fictional town of Spectre.  Anyone who is a fan of Tim Burton movies probably recognizes this hidden gem.


I got giddy like a schoolgirl when I realized that this place was here.  Honestly, I’m shocked it’s still around.  Spectre was actually built as a movie set for the movie Big Fish way back in 2003…they just decided never to take it down.  Over a decade later, most of the set is still standing and very much intact.






The amount of detail on some of the houses was really surprising.


Of course, we absolutely loved that they still had the signature shoes hanging at the town’s entrance.  It appears that people are still coming here to hang their own pair.  We were wearing sandals, so I guess we’re not cut out to be permanent citizens of Spectre.



Still, we were happy to settle for being visitors.


Thank you for the little dose of whimsy, Spectre.  And thank you, Alabama, for keeping this alive!

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