DIY Drink and Doodle

DSC_0017Picture it:  We all woke up on Friday after a fun night of partying and a good night’s rest. My dad finally had the day off and we had it all planned to take some family photos together and then spend the day out at the gulf canoeing and catching some water Pokemon.  The weather had other plans.


Rain, rain, and more rain.  It was sounding a little too familiar. Searching for a backup plan, my stepmom suggested going out for Drink N’ Doodle, a group painting activity where you paint with an instructor while drinking wine.  We all thought it seemed like a fabulous idea…until we saw that it was all booked up, except for the option that cost $45 a person.


So what did we decide to do?  Have our own damn Drink and Doodle!  We bought canvases, paints, and brushes and laid out a giant tarp for all of us to paint on.  My stepmom made some delicious sangria and we all got to work.


I can’t believe I had never thought to do this before.  I have always enjoyed doing arts and crafts, even when I’m not amazing at it…and, of course, I love wine.  We ended up spending ALL DAY painting.  It was so cool to see everyone so focused, unleashing their creativity.  It was probably the best therapy ever.


The end results were so awesomely different.  After we proudly displayed our work to dry, we all sat down to enjoy some much-deserved pizza.  Talk about turning around a rainy day!


Seriously..if you’re looking for the perfect relaxing day in, this is it!

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