Peace, Love, and Lake House


Post-coffee bedhead and lounging

My grandpa’s lake house in the tiny town of Council Grove, KS is one of my all time favorite spots.  We always know we’re in for a fun and relaxing time, full of card games, long chats, and paddling on the water.  One of my fondest memories is of the weekend my husband (then-boyfriend) and I spent there in college, riding bikes and kayaking.  Even though it was only 30 minutes away from where we lived, it felt like a different world, which was a pretty big deal for two young people with lots of wanderlust and no money.


We spent an amazing few days with my grandpa and his girlfriend…who plan to visit us in Turkey next year! I’m so looking forward to showing them around.


Great nook for reading and coffee


I will never get tired of bonfires and s’mores

The night sky was unbelievable there.  I wish we’d had a proper camera lens to capture it.  Seriously…you can see the Milky Way in rural Kansas.  I guess I took it for granted since I lived my whole life there, but after a year of constant light pollution, I can really appreciate the big prairie skies with fluffy clouds and the endless sea of stars.


Can you spot Mars?

It was so hard to leave this peaceful place.  Our summer is dwindling, and while I’m ready to stop being flung from place to place, I’m somehow not ready for it to end!


I suppose there’s always next summer.


This frog has a different outfit every time we visit.  Currently, he’s in Mardi Gras attire.


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