A Village Stroll


Both my husband and I are on duty this weekend, which means it will be a relatively quiet one full of cleaning, laundry, junk food, binge-watching, and…work.  Honestly, I don’t even mind because we’ve been on the go quite a bit recently.


The place where we live and work is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, which can be both good and bad.  I love the peace and quiet because it allows me to concentrate on my work during the week and you can’t beat a sea view (Seriously.  I can see the sea from my bedroom.  It’s unreal).  On the other hand, since we don’t have a car here, I find myself missing the convenience of walking down to the grocery store or hopping in the car to go to a drive-thru like we did back in Kansas.  It’s not a big deal, since we can call a cab and get to the nearest mall (where we do our grocery shopping) in about 15 minutes, but it can definitely be a bit of a hassle after a long day at work, which usually means eating canned tuna for the third day in a row.


I love, love, love long walks, especially in beautiful weather…and we are lucky enough to only have half days on Friday, so I was pretty eager to get outside after school.  We weren’t really up for the whole Istanbul thing since we both had duties, but we didn’t particularly feel like staying on campus either.  Also, it was a liver for lunch kind of day, which is definitely not my thing, so I was starving.  We were tired of the mall, having just gone a couple of days before, so we decided to hit up the sprawling village of Muallimköy, a ten minute walk from the campus.  The word in the office was that they’d opened a new Çiğ Köfteci over the summer, so it was a date.


The whole chilly weather/new school year vibe had me feeling nostalgic for my student days.  Everything just feels so new and exciting and full of potential.  I’m still waiting for some pretty red leaves, although they don’t seem to get as vibrant here in autumn as they do back in the States.  Still, the weather was seriously awesome.



Sooooooo good!

Çiğ Köfte is seriously the best…and now only ten minutes away!  I’m so stoked.  I will definitely be a regular customer.  Afterward, we stopped by the bakkal for some Magnum ice cream bars for dessert and then stocked up on some snacks for our subsequent binge of Orange is the New Black.  A perfect Friday afternoon if you ask me.


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