Chasing Fall


I may or may not have had two pumpkin spice lattes

Sweaters, boots, bright colored leaves, cold air, Halloween, the promise of a new school year, and pumpkin everything.  I love it all.  Fall has always been my favorite season, for so many reasons.  Unfortunately, few places seem to be able to match the cheery vibrancy that an American fall captures so well.

When I first moved here last year, I kept waiting for the leaves to change and the fall spirit to soar.  It didn’t.  What I found instead were grey skies, lots of rain, and a lot of mopey people.  No Halloween, no pumpkin patches, no cider mills.  It’s really just not the same.  Honestly, this is the time of year that homesickness hits me the hardest.  Oh, what I wouldn’t give for my long break to be in October and November instead of July and August.

I don’t want to fall into a rut the way I did last fall.  This year, I’m determined to get into the spirit, even if the weather doesn’t exactly match.

Here are a few things I’d love to do to make this season a little more snazzy:

Make some home-y fall recipes.  I’m thinking pumpkin pie and lots of chili.

Decorate.  My husband and I plan to get crafty this weekend and make some Halloween decorations and watch scary movies.  I can’t wait!

Play with yarn.  Nothing says fall like cozying up with my crochet needle and making some cool scarves.

Find some foliage.  I need colorful trees in my life!  Turkey is mostly pine, but we’re thinking of heading to the Belgrad Forest once it cools down a bit more around here.  Also, I’m strongly considering a weekend trip out of the country before the season is over…I’d love to go to England or Scotland!

Make a playlist.  My music taste definitely changes with the seasons.

Any other American expats out there who miss this time of year?  I feel like it just isn’t the same anywhere else.


Apple picking, back in the college days


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