Yes, I know it’s a bit early, but here at the school we always celebrate Halloween on the closest Friday, so here we are.  This year was ten times better than last year, mainly because I actually knew what I was doing this time around.


We started off by decorating the main part of the school and doing some good, old-fashioned pumpkin carving.  None of them had ever done it before, so it was a doubly fun experience!  I loved how delightfully creepy these pazar pumpkins were!  It totally added to the atmosphere.  I think my favorite part was the look of pure disgust on all of the students’ faces when I demonstrated how to rip the pumpkin “guts” out from the hole in top with their bare hands.  So much fun!


After lots of decorating, carving, scary movies, spooky games, and photo ops, it was time for the trick-or-treating!  This year, we decided to make huge batches of hot chocolate with heart-shaped marshmallows (a.k.a the hearts of students who don’t do their homework) instead of candy. It was quite the undertaking, but totally worth it.  Our kitchen looked like Victor Frankenstein’s lab by the end.


After loading up on sugar, we had a costume contest and it didn’t disappoint.  We have a lot of theatrical and creative students, so many of them had a performance in addition to their immaculate costume.  It’s always hard to choose the winners.


I stepped up my own costume game this year, which was much needed to keep my energy up to entertain 200-something teenagers all day!


Happy Halloween, everybody!




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