Choosing Love


I keep trying to remind myself of how important unity is at a time like this, even though just thinking about the potential fate of my country makes me want to vomit in my mouth.  The past couple of days have gone by in a sort of confused haze.  I’m sad, heartbroken, angry, confused, and scared all at once.  It seems like the whole world is divided and falling apart.

But that’s enough about that…because quite frankly, I think we’ve all had enough.  Between all of the craziness in Turkey, Brexit, and now a Trump presidency on the horizon, the political chaos of 2016 has been exhausting for everyone and there are plenty of other people who have already expressed these feelings all over the internet.  That is not to say that I intend to be complacent in this matter – I fully intend to use my platform as a teacher and a person of privilege to keep inspiring future generations of young people to be better than the kind of leadership we are seeing right now – but I need to focus on celebrating the glimmers of light in my life rather than cursing all the darkness.

In spite of everything, I have a lot to be grateful for.

***I have an amazing husband who makes me smile and always knows how to bring me back to equilibrium when I feel like everything is gloom and doom.

***I have incredible friends and family.

***I am lucky enough to be able to do what I love and travel.

***I teach incredible students who are on their way to becoming beacons of hope for their generation.

***I have been working on writing more and recently published my first fiction story here!

***I am safe and healthy.

***I successfully completed my first term of the year and will head to Scotland with friends next week for a much-needed vacation.

***I still believe people are basically good

***I will never stop standing up for those who are oppressed or discriminated against, no matter what.

What are you thankful for right now?  Let’s all be good to ourselves and one another.  The world needs it.



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