Quiet Adventures: Of Puzzles and Podcasts

20170112_184149.jpgOne thing that I often find hard to explain to my friends and family back  home is that I’m not jetting off across the world all the time, living out of a suitcase.  I feel like many people have the impression that my job is really easy and I’m actually just on one long vacation when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I won’t deny that I get a lot of vacation time – certainly more than the average American….and you better  believe I’m going to take advantage of every second. What most people don’t see are the 70+ hour work weeks I spend at a boarding school teaching classes, meeting students after school to discuss assignments or complete make-up work, sponsoring activities, study halls, doing my weekend patrol duties, planning lessons, preparing for performances…the list could go on forever.  Trust me; I work plenty.

Sometimes I recover from the stress by leaving it all behind for the weekend and heading to the city or hopping on a plane; other times, well…I veg.

My go-to lazy hobbies have always been video games and TV series, but lately I’ve found video games to be too mentally draining (which should give you an idea of exactly how tired I am at the end of a work day) and I can’t seem to get into any TV shows lately.  One lazy weekend morning, I decided to break out one of the puzzles my grandma sent me for Christmas.  As I was sipping on my coffee and putting the pieces together, I decided I needed a little background noise.  Instead of turning on music, I opened up a podcast.  Needless to say, I got hooked.

In the past week, I have put together five puzzles and listened to four podcasts in the process.  If you’re looking for a little lazy weekend fun, here are some recommendations:


If you follow the medium, this is the podcast that made podcasts cool.  Serial is a brilliant piece of investigative journalism that digs into the case of a teenage boy convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend…17 years later, he still claims his innocence.  Every detail is enticing and I’m not gonna lie…I’ve listened to every episode at least twice.


Perfect for sci-fi nerds (like myself).  I binge-listened to the entire thing in one evening and found myself desperate for more when I finished the first season.  I really hope the second season is coming soon.  It has a similar feel to Serial, but with fictional content.

The Truth

The Truth isn’t a series, but a collection of short stories that can be listened to in any order.  There is a range of genres and the stories are very well-crafted.  The episodes are short, so it’s  perfect for easy listening.

The Black Tapes

This is for anyone who likes a good ghost story.  The Black Tapes is fiction told as non-fiction, documenting a reporter’s study of various claims of paranormal activity.  It gets pretty amazing as it all comes together.

If anyone out there reading this has any other podcast recommendations, please let me know!  I need more!

Happy listening!

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