Škofja Loka


We had to make some adjustments to our schedule in Slovenia due to some inclement weather.  We had originally planned on visiting Lake Bled on our second day there, but because of the forecast, we decided to delay it for sunnier days.  Instead, we decided to take a day trip that was a little closer.

DSC_0173 (1).JPG

Škofja Loka is a cute little medieval village about 30 minutes away from Ljubljana. Luckily, our hotel was a short walk away from the bus station, so we didn’t have to spend too much time in the rain.  We hopped on the bus, and to our surprise, it had stopped raining when we arrived.


The charming medieval houses were only made more stunning by the view of the mountains that surrounded them.  We didn’t go in with any kind of plan; we simply took off to wander all of the winding alleys.



Though Škofja Loka wasn’t a part of our original itinerary, we were really glad we stopped.  It was a great place to wander, escape from the rain, and stop for a coffee while enjoying the view.


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