Chilling Out in Çeşme


I realize I’ve neglected this space for about a month now.  To be honest, going from the U.S. back to Turkey wasn’t the smoothest of transitions, especially considering that we had to get up for a long day of meetings just 10 hours after stepping of the plane.  The week of jet lag that followed didn’t help.


Still, we survived, got ready for the upcoming school year, and mercifully took off for a 10-day holiday, thanks to the Bayram.  We contemplated going off on a new European adventure, but after a crazy summer full of fast-paced traveling, we wanted to hang out a little closer to home and relax.  In the end, we decided to spend a few days in Çeşme, a nice beach town on the west coast of Turkey.


Right away, we knew we had made the right choice.  The town was cozy, relaxed, very pedestrian-friendly and full of delicious meyhanes.  


Our agenda mainly involved beach time, alternating between lounging in a sunbed and swimming in the beautiful Aegean Sea.  While there are many beautiful beaches in the Çeşme area, several of them are private and will charge an entrance fee for the day. We found the public beach – Ilıca – to be more than satisfactory and felt no need to pay for more than a sunbed and a couple of beers.  The water was perfect and there was plenty of space for everyone to lounge and swim, regardless of the Bayram crowds.


Aside from beach bumming, we took some time to explore the local castle, which had some interesting exhibits and offered fantastic views of the city and marina from the top. The fact that we got free entry with our Muzekarts was just the icing on the cake.



Çeşme was lovely and refreshing – exactly what we needed after a hectic summer and before the start of another school year!


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