The Ruins of Ani


Can you see me?

Just east of Kars are the ruins of Ani, a once-bustling Armenian settlement from the 11th century.  The territory was often disputed and taken over in the centuries that followed, but the once-prosperous city of 1,001 churches has long since been abandoned.  What remains is a beautiful mess of rubble, mountains, sky, and one-of-a-kind architecture.



The church of St. Gregory was absolutely stunning.


I also loved the look of the old Armenian script



Ani Cathedral


We so rarely get photos together while traveling, so we were thrilled when a kind stranger offered to take this for us, even if it is a little dark.  


The inside of Ani Cathedral.


This river acts as the border between Turkey and Armenia.  Turkey is on the left and Armenia is on the right.  

I couldn’t believe how stunning this place was and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to walk around an ancient city.  Ani is honestly one of the most beautiful and unique places I have ever seen. IMG_2023.JPG

Better yet, it’s not nearly as difficult or as expensive to get to as I would have expected.  Buses run daily at 11:00 from Kars (in front of Antik Cafe) and it only costs 7 TL each way.  The bus returns to Kars from Ani at 14:00, which gives you a little over two hours to explore the site, which we felt was sufficient.  If you’re planning a longer vacation in Turkey, definitely don’t skip it!


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