American Fall

There’s a lot that’s hard about right now. It’s hard putting our lives completely on pause and having to rely so much on others. That being said, one thing I am so grateful for is the chance to be back home for fall. This is my favorite time of year in America and the first time I have gotten to be here in autumn in six years. In spite of the pandemic, it has been so nice to enjoy long walks outside among the vibrant trees, indoor festivities with family, and the Halloween spirit. We even got to see snow for the first time since we were in Ukraine two years ago!

It can be easy to dwell on all the things I wish I was doing instead right now. 2020 is a year I think most of us would rather just forget. But I’m trying to remind myself that among the chaos are little moments of beauty that are worth remembering.


2 thoughts on “American Fall

  1. I LOVE your Halloween costumes, especially the second one (although I don’t know what you’re dressed up as, whoops). It really is surreal to return to your home country after being far away for so long, to come back to the quiet, slow pace of it all. The fall colors look gorgeous in your part of the country, and I wish you a wonderful upcoming holiday season!

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    • Thank you so much for your kind comment! The second one was me as my D&D cleric!

      It really has been surreal being back home. It feels like stepping through a portal to a different world. I have really enjoyed the fall leaves…I had forgotten how beautiful it is here this time of year.

      Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season as well!

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