Scenes from an Endless Quarantine

Life keeps moving and COVID-19 keeps raging. My days lately have been spent job hunting, interviewing, and writing research essays for the M.Ed program I started last month. I’m working towards finding a bit more balance; towards holding space for all the hobbies I managed to cultivate during the summer months. It’s a process.

I felt an urge to write today, though perhaps my pictures have more to say than my words do for now.

These are strange and quiet times, but they are also enlightening. For my part, I’ve been grateful for this time of introspection, reflection, rediscovery of old passions, personal development, family, and the remarkable amount of connection I’ve been able to maintain with people near and far. Also, cute pets!


5 thoughts on “Scenes from an Endless Quarantine

  1. Good thing you’re able to pursue a M.Ed from home. I likewise got my M.Ed online while living and working abroad, and it’s entirely doable! Best of luck to you on the program, and stay safe out there!

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