Cabin Fever


You know what they say about the best laid plans.

My original plan for this weekend was to go to Istanbul for a desperately needed getaway after two weeks of non-stop grading, exams, and stress leading up to the end of this semester.  I had been dreaming of my favorite cafes, Italian food, a little shopping, and maybe a museum. What actually happened was snow.


The path to Narnia!

Without any other choice, I figured I might as well embrace the inevitable.  Our campus looks magical in just about any weather, but especially covered in snow.


You can almost make out my name in the snow!


The handsomest snow angel 😉


After enjoying our walk (and witnessing several snowball fights – among students and staff), we decided to embrace the cold a little bit longer and walk to the nearby village to get some coffee and pick up a few survival groceries at the bakkal.




More snow fights in the village

When we came back in from the cold, we indulged in some lattes from our new espresso machine, did a little creative writing, and played a few rounds of League of Legends.   It wasn’t the weekend I expected, but I can’t say I’m disappointed.