Sweet Home Alabama


A last look at home before we took off

After a long flight and horrible trip through Homeland Security, we finally made it back to the good ol’ U.S. of A.  It’s amazing how strange and familiar everything seems at the same time.  There has been a lot of eating (OMG Mexican food!), catching up with family, and lazing around trying to get over jet lag.  We’ve started off our adventure in Alabama, where we will be splitting most of our time between Montgomery and Mobile.  Here is a little peek into what we have been up to:


Bonfires and beers on the beach in Mobile


Beautiful sunsets and perfect water

DSC_0007 (1)

Deciduous trees!  We haven’t seen this many of them in awhile.


As many cups of filtered coffee as I can get my hands on


A little taste of Turkey for family and friends

Life is good.

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